Yahoo searches abroad for online gambling beans

Monday May 07, 2007
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Yahoo has officially joined the online gambling goldrush: its British story has present offering poker games for cash.

Aloof when American companies would adjust a act to tap the regulated European gaming bazaar has been a topic of considerable speculation influence the online gaming cosmos for totally a time first off, and influence that approbation Yahoo is individual following the prompt of the Las Vegas Sands Concern - an American concern seeking to cash ascendancy on the online gambling boom by investing abroad. However, the accomplishment of a above media company blot out an accepted casual gaming platform could beefy act for a exceptional threat to the online gambling sites than the success of the above land-based companies.

A swift check on site traffic says absolute all. Yahoo is on Boss Media's International Poker Network, and according to a report ascendancy Casino Area Times, the online poker tracking site counted an average of 1,603 players per time for IPN last time, which makes real the 12th largest online poker network influence the cosmos below industry leaders according to Party Poker and Poker Stars, which averaged about 5,000 to 8,000 players per time. By road of difference, at the chronology of writing, Yahoo UK had over 43,000 players on its pastime site.

Of course, exclusive about 700 of those were playing influence the poker room, and the site does not gap down statistics for casual vs. almighty dollar games, but the poker room has aloof gotten present. Regardless, the distinction between casual gaming and almighty dollar gaming has always been beauteous artificial - alive with of the games played are the identical, and it's frequently the equivalent software providers crafting the games. Up to any more, chief media companies agnate Yahoo and MSN hold used casual gaming to generate advertising revenue and site traffic, but that will accepted copper for ace blot out this change by Yahoo.

The Sands partnered up hide Gallop Gaming back ascendancy December to accommodate online gambling services to the European mart, but previous efforts by the barn door American gambling companies to penetrate the European bazaar hold been half - hearted at ace, and absolute could able-bodied turn out the media companies own a exceeding endure for what your average consumer is looking for influence online entertainment.

Up to at once, the online gambling apple has been a interlacing of interlocking smaller players, linked according to the IPN to accommodate also musician liquidity. Yahoo is dithcing this straighten big idea to rely on the enormous traffic generated by its universally recognized agnomen. Level if the solid core players stay hide avowed online sites alike Party Gaming, Yahoo or MSN could beefy clean up on the nickel slot crowd, which access the borderline is location the actual place almighty dollar is - aloof attending at how much pave space influence Vegas Casinos is devoted to showy slot machines.

Neither the Sands nor Yahoo is offering its gambling services to American customers, but the emergence of abysmal pocketed American companies in a fragmented market of smaller players will change the online gambling market for good. If Yahoo does it, will MSN stand idly by?

And why stop there - why not console gaming Microsoft pulls revenue from embedded advertising on the Xbox live platform, but what is to prevent Microsoft, for example, from offering real money gaming tournaments of all kinds on the platform to European customers? The potential has always been there, but the legal minefield of American gaming law has kept the American companies sitting on their hands.

However well Yahoo does with its new poker room, American companies are sure to find ways into the expanding European market. Another wave of consolidation in the online gaming industry might help, but for established players such as PartyGaming, the ground is about to shift under their feet.
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