Sky Poker Tour battles it out in Luton

Thursday March 11, 2010
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The third leg of the sell out Sky Poker Tour was played on Saturday at the G Casino in Luton with Ross Jarvis, senior staff writer at PokerPlayer Magazine winning the first prize of £4,000 with a storming final table performance. In addition to the usual fun and friendly atmosphere of the Sky Poker Tour, players had the excitement of facing a number of celebrities across the felt, such as horse racing pundit, John McCririck; model, Kitty Lea; former professional footballer, Micky Hazard, who went on to make the final table, and boxers Johnny Nelson and Spencer Oliver.

After more than ten hours of play Jarvis faced down Phil Jenkins, who went all-in with 7-8 against Jarvis' Q-Q. Jenkins crashed out in fourth place. Jarvis went on to knock out David Crane, into third place with A-10 against A-6 after calling Crane's push. Finally, heads up against Tony Stroud, Jarvis raised on A-9 which triggered Stroud go all-in with 10-J. Jarvis called, and with 4-7-3-6-3 on the felt, he won the tournament.

"I didn't come in expecting too much because I know it was a pretty fast structure but I got some chips just before dinner and then really tried to put some pressure on, stealing blinds whenever I could," said Jarvis. "I'm really happy with how I played on the final table though and was dead set on winning – I didn't even look at the payouts for anywhere but first place."

"Apart from winning, it was a great fun tournament to play in," Jarvis continued. "Everyone on the Sky Poker Tour was really friendly at the tables and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the same faces again at the Grand Final in September. The money will come in really handy as I've just moved in with my lovely girlfriend Hattie - depressingly, I think some of it will go on pretty dull, mature items such as coffee tables and kitchenware."
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