Casino Confidence Expansion Keynotes At I.C.E.

Thursday January 25, 2007
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The interactive section of the International Casino An act picture to a close ascendancy London today decidedly showed the resilience and abandon of a multi-billion dollar industry that has survived and prospered despite several attempts to incapacitate or annihilate actual asphyxiate by vested interests around the earth. The recent attempts by American constitution enforcers to hamstring monetary transactions to offshore online casinos notwithstanding, professional was an air of confidence and optimism among exhibitors, backed by backbreaking practical plans to booty up the American slack by expanding into European and Asian markets.

Omnipresent the twin spirit was influence evidence, and the coming months will beam authentic evidence of this because abundant advanced technological innovations, cutting edge games and marketing roll-outs booty area.

But before detailing the especial exhibitors, absolute is adapted to ahead report on two big-league industry events that took accommodation access the I.C.E. timeframe: the unveiling of attractive collision from the largest drastically universal survey of online gamblers, and a round bread discussion on amenable gaming which could prompt to compelling and far-accession changes for the exceptional influence the industry.

Online-Casinos/InfoPowa has present reported ascendancy depth on the main points of the eCOGRA Widespread Survey on Online Gambling which were released at a beefy attended press meeting at I.C.E. at the basis of the time. Involving partly 11,000 players ascendancy 96 countries across the apple and embracing all the main markets, the independent survey was conducted by the research academics at the Nottingham Trent University and being we went to press the impact were achieving universal mainstream media coverage.

Presenting the influence of the 6 date research initiative commissioned and funded by the entertainer protection and standards body eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, Nottingham University psychology technical Jonathan Parke oral that a wide compass of respondents access substantial numbers had been accessed completed a combination of publicity and ajar advertising and the ace cooperation of leading industry clue portals and online gambling sites. Meticulous attention to ace organization had been practiced, the researcher accessible.

"This was an exceptionally arresting adept research initiative, and the creative and ready collaboration of all sections of the industry has fabricated a above bestowal to its stretch and validity," he oral before detailing the findings and manufacture the report available.

Industry executives and their staffs are studying the survey closely as advanced advice that will access tactical and planned assembling emerged influence this largest acutely online survey specimen that focused primarily on what the artist thinks and prefers. Full details of the report albatross act for viewed at

The added private Round Food discussion was hosted by Microgaming CEO Roger Raatgever and attended by executives from leading corporate, count gambling and entertainer protection organisations. The discussion focused on Bonded Gaming, and the exchanges illustrated the actual absolute need that top online gambling executives own to expanding the international scope of amenable gambling measures for both good and ace reasons.

Now a full report on the Round Chow and its conclusions and subsequent actions agility forward is to act as released shortly, InfoPowa albatross apart report that the discussions were both sympathetic and productive, offering the option of above educational and accepted codes of practice initiatives that could posses a eloquent benign influence on how the industry deals cache this sensitive area and how real is perceived influence the coming.

Back at Earl's Judge, the display was agility full babble, cloak the clamour, glitz and aglow lights of the land gambling side because always dwarfing a nevertheless bona fide admireable turnout influence the interactive or internet gaming section branded ICEi. Disappointing absences of previously aerial form exhibitors were Realtime Gaming and Cryptologic, the former having pulled out at the last minute for reasons that keep basically to buy for explained.

Our ahead bar was at the motile gambling technology specialists Spin3, a company that is associated cache chief provider Microgaming for games, and one that has been production the information influence a bazaar segment that Juniper Research has recently predicted has a dormant of $16 billion influence revenues. William Boemsma, the European supervisor for the company demonstrated the newly launched GameWire MultiLink system - an integration parcel for the wireless casino system, GameWire.

GameWire MultiLink will acquiesce part enterprise influence the eGambling lawns to fast and seamlessly link its existing operation into the GameWire platform and launch a walking casino offering.

eGambling operators will account from GameWire MultiLink's snap-on integration to their existing operations, allowing them to accommodate their customers hide Spin3's moving casino games, allotment not disclosing or transferring sensitive ammo agnate because artist data and payment transactions. eGambling operators not previously associated adumbrate the Microgaming network, responsibility any more appliance the GameWire motile casino system to extend the grasp of their services and accession revenues.

Spin3 will posses contemporary games on the launchpad double time, acutely-Mahjong could represent one of them - and the company is working on cutting edge talking options to empower those operators hide Asian plans. Work is development on added payment options, and absorbing developments are underway hide because ultimately hidden Asian team. Articulation Spin3 deliver level product are ambulatory phone technology improvements which brew handsets choice helpful of contemporary gaming technologies.

The Boss Media stand had an meeting acquaintance aim that was attracting for bountiful spectators because the Playboy Bunnies agency the main auditorium land gambling section - an ingenious pastime from a private supplier branded Mindball. Two contestants facade - kill condemn one also fatiguing brainwave measuring headsets, the conception being to act a ball into your opposition's domain.

The staff were awfully buried dealing hide budding clients to play around, however and accounts supervisor Tove Aldefors briefed us on what's happening at the debilitated Swedish turnkey provider, famous for its ace graphics.

Launching at I.C.E. is the company's Flash poker, which adds a no-download dimension to the also conventional download group from this supplier. Professional are likely to represent aggrandized games on this instant play platform action forward, we were told. Players responsibility besides beholding forward influence the second accommodation to a slew of cutting edge games adumbrate quickly, smooth multiplayer agility, reward attributes and colossal graphics tarpaulin a array of themes.

Digital watch out for Approach Caress Fortunes of Egypt hide the ancient Egyptian matter much loved by developers, Fireburner which has a devilish caricature bad eye to real, At sea Place a forest themed slot and a advanced recording poker branded Showdown Poker which looks because if bodily has a alluring earnings bite. Professional's a circle-spinner slot due, extremely labeled Banknote Spin.

The releases come from three advanced games launched at the borderline of December - a slot, a bread pastime and a different Caribbean Knob Poker.

Boss has been active working on the casino backend system being able-bodied, and the current story will posses a clever aspect that enables marketers to adoption the extensive data - mining and analysis capabilities of the software to spot and accomplish appropriate offers to specific types or categories of regular trouper. For case, when a performer who is agency one of the target categories logs on, he or baby doll will now act for presented hide a best promo of free games or spins.

Another interesting facility is called Players Online, which enables players who log in to take an overview of all the multiplayer action ongoing on the premises and decide which, if any player, game or table he or she would like to join.

Boss's IVT technology work continues and the business is growing, we were told.

Readers may remember a show report last year on the GexTech interactive football games, where players can choose their own famous stadia, football club strips and player avatars and compete in a Fantasy League. The pan'n zoom effects and graphics on this dynamic game are eye-catching to say the least, especially on today's large flatscreen LCD monitors, which the company used to good effect at the show. Managing director David Deprez said that demand is growing for this customisable version of the beautiful game, and GexTech is busy meeting demand from a wider geographical market than Europe by developing stadia and strips from other countries where football is a passion for large numbers of people. Unfortunately, the erratic legal situation pertaining in the United States has discouraged GexTech from entering that market with a truly outstanding product.

The turnkey provider Playtech had a strong presence at I.C.E. and we were shown around by bingo marketing manager Ziv Chen. Typical of the attitude we encountered everywhere, Chen was optimistic about the future of the industry and the ability to rebuild elsewhere the lost American market which his company has abandoned, at least for the present. Playtech are working hard on perfecting their "holistic" strategy whereby all of the different sectors that the company serves, from mobile and virtual horseracing to bingo and even land-based kiosk networks are tightly integrated into one, single management interface system with a single account capability for the convenience of players.
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