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Gambling Wages is an industry leader with years of experience and thousands of satisfied affiliates, as can be seen in their testimonials page.

One of the reasons for Gambling Wages ongoing success is their business and partnership ethic. Honesty, credibility, reliability of service is all part of commitment to the affiliates and partners.

However honesty is not the only thing that makes a particular company an industry leader. It is through our six years of affiliate managing experience, that Gambling Wages have learned what affiliates want, and have struggled every day to give them that, and more.

Gambling Wages understand what online casino affiliates are looking for and need, and they have gathered the resources to provide affiliates with everything they could ever want, including marketing copy, materials, promotions, and of course large commissions with timely payouts.

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Revenue Share
30% - 50%
Pay Per Player
Up to $125
Multi Tier
Payment Methods
Check, Neteller, PrePaid ATM and Wire Ttransfers
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