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Use of the calculation features of this Web Site requires User to register and apply for a User Account. Making such User Account application, as well as accessing your User Account, constitutes your certification that you are a Patent Professional. A "Patent Professional" is a person who (1) is a licensed patent attorney or agent currently registered to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office, or another professional person (e.g., experienced patent docket clerk, patent legal assistant, patent administrator, or patent liaison) working under the supervision of a licensed patent attorney or agent who will supervise and review their calculations; and (2) is knowledgeable about patent prosecution and has sufficient understanding of PTA to make necessary legal interpretations, make and edit PTA rule assignments, and review, assess, and interpret PTA calculations. Additionally, accessing your account and performing calculations constitutes certification that you have sufficient knowledge of this Web Site, including its calculation features, to operate it properly.

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A User or Provider may cancel a User Account at any time, for any reason, by providing written notice. Where a User Account has been inactive for a period of at least one year, Provider may cancel the User Account without notice to User. If a User Account is cancelled, the User will receive a refund as specified below, and the Provider may delete or disable access to the account and all patent applications therein.

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