ELK Studios Review

ELK Studios was founded 2012 and they have ever since then invested in building tools and distribution capabilities to take the mobile casino experience to the next level. They have now loaded the games pipeline with a number of entertaining titles. Although they use advanced maths models and high level technology to create our products, it always make sure they are delivered with a human touch.

Elk Studios has created many games and pooled its gaming pipeline with a great selection of entertaining gaming titles. Although the games are created with the help of advanced mathematical models and state of the art technology, Elk Studios made sure that the human element is present, because no matter how advanced the technology is, the human touch is always need to refine and deliver the product in its final form.

As mentioned above, Elk Studios offers two features that make their software somewhat unique. The first is Betting Strategies, which allows players to automatically implement betting strategies without making the punter manually set things up. The other differentiating feature on Elk Studios is Game On, which sets itself up after 25 spins and can award Free Spins by just launching the game.

Elk Studios uses advanced math models for its RNG to ensure fairness for operators and players alike. It's also evident that the company expended a lot of effort in the game's themes and story.

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