Lotto Instant Win Review

Lotto Instant Win is a live lottery service of the Zagreb-based lottery company Pin Projekt Ltd with over 15 years in the gaming industry. The games are a revolution in the lottery betting industry which required great effort to develop.

Lotto Instant Win developed their own live streaming feed system (Liw Games) using 4 beautiful customizable multi-location studios, state-of-the-art mechanical drums and real, professional presenters. They make results instant and keeping players fully engaged.

The number of lottery games developed by Lotto Instant Win are equipped with enhanced visuals, sound and features. They have developed some unique and interesting studios which are distinguished on the basis of level of excitement and thrill. Their games are very innovative and creative and are available 24/7 for players all over the world in order to provide them with non-stop gambling.

Lotto Instant Win games are designed for multichannel use and looks great across various devices. Top games include Lucky six (studio 1), Win 1/37 (studio 3), Keno 5/80 (studio 4), Keno 10/80 (studio 4), Win 5/20 (studio 2).

Lotto Instant Win casinos
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