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High 5 Games is the leading content creator for the land-based, online, and social gaming markets. Developing for the land-based, online, and social markets, High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are played on six continents and in nearly 50 countries.

High 5 Games has developed over 300 games, though many of them are only being used in land-based operations. Among the best looking and most interesting games are Zombie Zone, Thunder Road, Ravishing Beauties, Ringside Riches, Miss Universe - Crowning Moment, The Haunted Horseman, Last Master, Foxy Dynamite and Dragons of Avalon. The games are all setup to be run through random number generators for gaming results, which require testing and certification.

The use of HTML5 technology makes the games available on smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices have quickly become the most used platform to access online gaming services, which prompted this move by this developer and many others. HTML5 technology makes High 5 Games slots accessible on most mobile operating systems including Android, Windows, and iOS among others.

2012 has become a year of the real breakthrough for a company as High 5 Games has become the first gambling platform to launch on the most popular social media website in the world. Facebook opened its users a new possibility to play free online slots.

The state-of-the-art software behind High 5 Games is not your typical cookie cutter slot software. Each game is designed individually from any others, whether they offer multiple bonuses, secondary bonus elements, scatter pays, or a combination of features, making for a unique experience with each High 5 game.

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