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SBTech has been providing sports betting solutions to top gaming operators since 2007. They have a great deal of experience in the implementation and management of sports betting platforms and managed services to top online gaming operators and existing bookmakers operating both in regulated and traditional markets.

SBTech is the 2012 winner for "Best Online Betting Platform" of the Balkan Entertaining and Gaming Exhibition. It is a leader in sports betting casino with five years of experience in both Internet and land-based casinos.

SBTech provides gaming operators with a turnkey sports betting solution that takes care of all the challenges this highly competitive market presents. Built around an industry-leading platform, the solution is universally adaptable and fits seamlessly into any environment, running alongside any existing services.

SBTech solutions are highly flexible with a wide range of customization options. The fully managed sports betting solution allows gaming operators to offer an advanced sports betting product without the overhead of day-to-day management, leaving you to focus on marketing and promotion.

Whether you are an existing sportsbook operator looking to reduce your operational costs or an existing gaming operator who wants to add a sportsbook product into your offering, SBTech has the perfect solution for you.

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